Styes are serious business

A while back, Theresa at Camp Runamuck (a blog I enjoy reading very much) had a give-away for some groups of yarn.  The only thing she asked in return is that you donate to the animal cause of your choice if you won.  I’m grateful that she posts about this from time to time. Even though I’m aware that these groups need help, sometimes I need that reminder to actually get off my duff and give, whether I win anything or not.  My donation went to a local rescue group.  As an added bonus, I did win and got the yarns that I wanted.  She even found a couple more to add to my box.  Thank you Theresa!


As far as weaving goes, my sampler piece is coming along slowly.  Very slowly!  I’ve actually gotten done what I wanted to get done, which was 30″ each of plain weave, twill, and a satin.  With more warp left on the loom, I started playing around a little.  I didn’t really care for the all satin section so inserted some plain weave into the satin.  I still have warp left on the loom.  I’ve started reading  Exploring Multishaft Design by Bonnie Inouye and my initial thought was that I would use the rest of the warp for my self study with that. Then realized that I only have 8 shafts threaded, not the 16 that I’ve been working with in the book.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.  Rethread? Create a new draft?

A week ago Tuesday, I felt like I had a hair in my eye.  I was getting my hair done, made sense.  I kept rubbing it, trying to work that hair or eyelash or whatever it was out.  Tuesday night, I kept waking up with my eye watering.  Wednesday morning, my eyelid is starting to turn red.  Thursday morning, my eye is swollen almost shut.  I looked like I’d gone a bad round in a boxing ring.  The Man drove me to an eye doctor, who told me that I’d had a stye but it had popped underneath the skin and gotten infected.  I came away with a prescription for eyedrops, antibiotics, instructions to wash both eyes every 4 hours with baby shampoo, and a warm compress on the bad eye every 2 hours.  When I went back for the checkup on Monday, he told me that if you don’t take care of these things quickly, they can cause brain damage!  What the hell!  Something about the veins in your eyelid not having valves or something and the infection can spread to your brain.  I don’t know how true that is but I do believe I’ll keep up with my treatment instead of my normal slacking off.