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I’ll have to try again

Well, the coat is a bust as far as wearing it goes.  It fits in the chest area but below the waist is a different story.  Before I show you the picture, I’m going to explain a few things make excuses.

  • First is the fact that I didn’t take into account the widest part of my body.  Lesson learned.  I’m not really a big person but my hips are big on me.  Curses to my mom’s side of the family for passing down that lovely trait.
  • Second, my sewing machine has come down with a case of the grrrrrs so I hand hemmed one side at the bust and underarm.  I don’t know if I would call it hand hemming, more like just kind of basted it together so I could take a picture.  That’s why the side on the right (as you are looking at it) looks especially bad at the bust.
  • Third, those extra bands of color aren’t supposed to be there.  I had a little warp left so played with a couple of yarns.  I had every intention of cutting them off when it came time to finish the coat but because my ass doesn’t fit in there well and I’m not going to wear it, I just left the colors there. I kind of like them though.  They would be better if they were the same gauge yarn.  Right now, the band is hanging there like a flap and IF there is a next time, it will not be a flap.
  • There’s supposed to be more of a neck hole there but (good grief I say “but” a lot) I got a little scissor happy when I was cutting down the middle of the piece at the back and cut too far.  Like down to almost the armpit length too far.  Who knows what the hell I was thinking when I did that.  I caught myself about 3 inches before the actual armpit length.  I seamed it back up, which is why it looks like there is a dark purple line down the back, and I still didn’t get it seamed up far enough.  Again, not wearing it, not going to mess with it any more than that.
  • There’s also supposed to be crocheted trim.  Not wearing, not messing with it, you get to see raw edges.
  • I actually didn’t do too bad on the doubleweave doublewidth.  There are places where you can see where the fold was and places you can’t.

Alrighty, now that I’ve told you all the reasons it’s a failure, here’s the picture:

Feb 20

Look, 2 layers!

I’m having to force myself to weave on this.  Some of it is because I’m just not enthused about it.  The color combo is not really what I wanted but because I wanted to do this as a Ravelympics project, I rushed to find yarns that would work without having a lot of time to do more sampling with other yarns.

The other reason is the shuttle I’m using.  The yarn is a worsted weight so using the smaller boat shuttles that I normally use would mean using a new bobbin every few inches.  The longer boat shuttles I have are open bottom and have curved ends.  One has the end that gets thinner (not as thick) and curves up.  The other has the end curved sideways (still as thick, not as wide).  For some reason, neither are comfortable for my hand when weaving.

Regardless, I hope to at least finish the weaving today.  I’m going to complete the coat, at least as a practice piece.   Who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised and actually like it when it’s done.

A rose in the rink

I’ve run into a little bump while warping and it’s slowing me down.  Some way, some how, threads are all twisty between the back beam and the heddles.  The warp comes over the back beam then through the lease sticks that are holding the cross, waiting for their individual turns to be put in the heddles.  If I pull the threads from the lease sticks in the order they’re in, I appear to have a small group of threads that are twisted around,  like the thread on the right should actually be on the left.  I know I put the lease sticks in right because if I hadn’t, the whole group of that warp chain would be twisted, not just small groups within each chain.   I don’t like twisty so I’m doing something that I probably shouldn’t.  I’m pulling the yarn out of the lease sticks and threading them in the order that they appear to be in when they come up over the back beam.  I’m not sure what caused the problem to begin with.  I don’t know if it’s because the yarn wants to twist (when you let a group of threads go, it almost looks like i-cord they twist so bad) or if I did something wrong.  I didn’t warp any different than I’ve previously done when doing b2f.  I think gremlins snuck in overnight and threw roses on my rink, causing little bumps to trip me up.


This little guy wants inside REALLY bad.  I’ve shoo-ed him away from the window several times, and he just keeps coming back.  He even went to a different window!  He looks a lot bigger in the picture than he really is but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in noise.  TapTapTapTAP.  I think he might be giving me the bird here (see the middle finger?).  Ha, I’m so funny. 🙂

Gee, when the weather gets better, I need to get out there and clean those windows.  While we are certainly having nicer weather today, I mean some day other than today.

Feb 13

Today was weaving guild day.  After the meeting, Daryl Lancaster gave a presentation and showed us many wonderful garments.  Such inspiration!  In the afternoon, and continuing tomorrow, she was teaching a workshop.  I wish I could have taken it.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine isn’t portable.  And with The Man being out of town, there was no one at home to let the dog out to do her business.  Regardless, just seeing all those garments and samples makes me want to weave fabrics and sew them into something useful.  I did purchase her Seam and Edge Finishes Workshop booklet because I will have to do a little bit of seaming on this project.

I have the warp for the Ravelympics project all wound.  I was sampling up to the last minute and it looks like I’ll be using the off-white/purple combination.  I didn’t want to use white or off-white but it’s what worked so in it goes.  I’m going to need every last inch of the Cascade Sierra I’m using for the weft.  This jacket may turn out shorter than I’m hoping for.  That’s okay.  My goal was to use up stash yarn, learn doublewidth doubleweave, and have something to wear around the house in the cool mornings.  I hope to get the warp on the loom tomorrow.  (Don’t hold your breath, I am the Great Procrastinator.)

Double weave/width weaving

I’m gearing up for the Ravelympics, for which I’ll be weaving (or at least attempting to weave) a loom shaped coat.  I got the idea from the November 1981 issue of Handwoven.  The magazine calls for weaving a 5 yd strip 24″ wide then cutting and seaming.  Being as one of my goals for this year is learning to weave double weave, I’m going to weave it double weave in plain weave (the one in the magazine is in twill) so I don’t have to seam it up the back.  In preparation, I’ve been doing the knitting equivalent of swatching by sampling.

First I had to make sure that I understood how double weave weaving works and that I could actually make it open on one side.  I have 2 large cones of a cotton and acrylic blend, which was what I planned on using.  Using a very short warp, I found that the yarn isn’t strong enough to use.  Broken ends, boo.  I then found some mohair.  This isn’t going to work either.  It’s actually quite strong and holds up as warp, but the fuzz was over the top.  I also found that I have some issues.

This doesn’t look like plain weave.  I checked the document that I’m using and I’m doing it right.  I smooshed the weft yarns farther apart and it does look like plain weave so I’m either beating way too hard or I have the sett wrong.  I used wraps per inch (14), divided by 2 (7), and used 7 epi for the yarn.  Because it’s double-width, I warped it at 14 epi.

I then tried some cotton ripple that I bought from R&M Yarns, while I still lived in GA and before they were sold and moved. It’s also 14 wpi.  Instead of using 7 epi, I used 10, which means I warped it at 20 epi.  Confused yet? 🙂 I tried the above mohair as weft and while I still got somewhat of the same smooshed looking effect, it looks more like plain weave.  I tried a thinner yarn  (8/2 cotton) as the weft, which didn’t turn out so hot.  Next I used some thicker yarn.

That’s more like it.  This piece is still on the loom.  When I wove it, I was weaving 2 inches.  I loosened the front apron bar so I could open it up and take a picture, and it’s about 4 inches wide.  I also wanted to see how my left selvedge, which ends up being in the middle of the piece, looked.  Despite all the warning, my middle is actually good.  I’m also proud of the edges because I think they look pretty darn good.  The green is some Picadilly that I’d bought from Elann and the purple is some Cascade Sierra, again both being purchased before we moved from Georgia.  I’m trying to use up some stash if you couldn’t tell.  After all, that was the reason I started weaving.

While the purple and the green both give me more of the effect I want, none of these yarns were the ones I wanted to use.  Since it’s something that I only plan to wear around the house, I guess it’s okay.  It’s also possible I’ll like them more after I give it a toss in the wash and dry.  I still have a few more (HAHAHA a few!) yarns that I can try so I might find something I like better.

PS. I know that my sample is ultra small and doesn’t represent an exact fabric that I’ll end up with.

Feb 2 FO

I started with a draft from handweaving.net, then played around with different treadlings in some weaving software.


The warp is 10/2 mercerized cotton.  The teal, lavendar, and burgandy wefts are 8/2 unmercerized cotton, and the multi colored weft is 10/2 mercerized cotton.  These turned out feeling thinner than what I had imagined they would be.  The patterns also didn’t show up as well in the actual towels as they did in the weaving software.  In the future, I think I’ll use the 10/2 and 8/2 cottons more with twills or waffle weave.

A friend got a rigid heddle loom recently so I’m going to go see her tomorrow and offer my expert advice (insert maniacal laughter here), IF it stops raining.  Since I’ve never warped a rigid heddle loom before, I tried it on the small Harrisville that I bought at a thrift shop last year.  I don’t think rigid heddle weaving is for me.  I had problems getting the selvedges even.  I guess there’s a learning curve for everything and they’d probably improve if I kept at it.  I also wasn’t getting a good shed so I don’t think I will keep at it on this particular loom.  Then again, I could have done a bad job warping it.