I’m not even a yard into the DDW project, and I’m already over it. I like how it looks, but I don’t really enjoy using two shuttles. My shuttle changes are good, it’s not that.  It’s just time consuming to switch them, to make sure they enter the weft correctly so there’s no thread running up the side where it shouldn’t be.  I’ll likely continue on until the warp is used up. I’m considering trying some different colors to see how they look, but still.. two shuttles.

Three holes are ready for fruit trees. Five more to go. We still need to dig the trench for the water lines too. Thank goodness those don’t need to be as deep.  It’s raining here, or what qualifies as rain for this area. Not enough for the ground to absorb anything to speak of, though we’re hopeful it will still help with the digging.

Busy day today. We’ve decided to plant several fruit and citrus trees in our backyard, and that means rerouting the pipes for the sprinkler system.  And that means a lot of digging.  Sounds easy but when your land is very dry and tightly packed, with some rocks thrown in for good measure, it takes a lot longer than you think. I would estimate that it took about an hour and a half to dig a 6 ft trench, 6-8 inches deep, and maybe 6 inches wide.  That’s just a drop in the bucket for what needs to be done.

I had all the zip ties on the Baby Mac, just needed to add the Texsolv tie-ups, and actually connect them to the treadles. Eventually I’ll have Texsolv in all the zip ties. I’ve left the Texsolv long enough that it can stay in the treadle slots. If a tie isn’t needed, I’ll put the peg in the bottom hole so it doesn’t slide completely out. I don’t think I have to worry about any of my lamms breaking now.


This one looks like the draft.


There’s a part of me that considers doing the rest of the piece in this pattern, and then it could be used for a scarf (after I cut out the first part that wasn’t working). I have other tie ups and treadlings that I want to try, though, so I’ll continue on and see how the different designs change in the wet finishing. I might even cut off and rethread.