Panel revealed

You get to see what it looks like through one of the panes.  I tried taking pictures of the full length and the camera can’t pick up enough detail.  IF, and that’s a BIG IF, I were to do this again, I would do what I did the first time I made them, shorten the lace boxes.  I liked them better square.

Still working on the hearts.  I put enough warp on to create two 70 inch scarves + 30 inches for sampling +30 inches for waste.  I think I’ve already gone past my quota for sampling, trying to tweak the hearts to get them to look like I want them to.  I still have more adjusting to do and will hopefully get them the way I want soon.

Out darn spot

I got rid of the side spots

Side 1


Side 2


Now there is some solid stuff at the top of the heart but I don’t think it’s as distracting as the ones that were out to the sides. Now to decide on color. Pink has to be in there somewhere. All pink warp and weft? Only pink in the warp where the hearts area? Pink warp or weft with a different color warp or weft? Pink everywhere but a different color where the hearts are? How far should the hearts be spaced? More playing will need to be done.

Opinions wanted

I’ve been playing with drafts for a guild challenge.  My plans were to include hearts in the middle of a twill piece.  I’ve accomplished that for the most part, and while I’m not sure I’m done playing with this, I would like to go ahead and get some other thoughts besides my own.

1 Side A


1 Side B


2 Side A


2 Side B


3 Side A


3 Side B


I like the hearts spaced out in number 1 but the sides of the hearts are a little thin.  The hearts are closer together in 2 and while they still appeal to me somewhat, there’s still an issue with the sides.  I like the sides of the hearts in 3 but so far I haven’t been able to get that heart without the little spots that go out from the sides.  The spots don’t bother me at all in side A but I’m not sure I like them in side B.  Be honest, tell me what you like or don’t like about these.  If you hate them all and think I should go back to the drawing board, I’m ready to hear it.

In other news, I finished weaving the fabric for panels for our doors.  I was 2 inches short of weaving a full 6 yards.  I’ve washed the fabric and pressed it.  I hand hemmed the.. uh.. pocket for the rod to go through.  I haven’t cut the bottom yet, still thinking about how long I want them.  Pictures soon, so far the only ones I have are on my phone.

Long time no see

It’s hard to believe it’s June already.  Since I last posted, we made a trip to small town to see the daughters and grandkids.  There’s a state park there that has an old pioneer village in it.  In the summer months, there will be people dressed for the period and doing some of the tasks.   I grew up next to the state park and went many times, and the ones I remember most are the blacksmith and the woman who wove on a loom. Since it was nice, we all went to the park and walked around the village.  While the woman wasn’t there weaving, the loom was.  It’s basically a 2 shaft barn loom and I didn’t think to take a picture of it.  What I didn’t remember seeing before, and what I did take a picture of, was the warping board.  I would say this was a 6 foot square.


When I first got the itch to want to weave, I thought it would help me use up all that knitting yarn stash that I accumulated.  That is NOT what happened AT ALL!  I bought weaving yarns and the knitting yarns never got used.  It seems rigid heddle looms are much better suited for knitting yarns.  That was my justification for buying one anyway.  That, and I can’t seem to leave someone’s sale without buying something.   So yeah, bought a used 24 inch Ashford Rigid Heddle loom.  I warped it with a yarn I had bought from JoAnn’s years ago.  Lesson 1, just because it’s an 8 dent heddle does not mean that you can use a worsted to bulky weight yarn, especially when that yarn turns out to be fuzzy.  I threw the whole thing in the trash before ever attempting to weave it.  I then took some sportweight yarn that I had left from a baby blanket.  I didn’t measure, I didn’t calculate, I just warped.


And I ran out of warp yarn.  I don’t mind really, the main thing was to get a feel for the loom.  I’m using what’s left of the fuzzy yarn for the weft. I don’t know if rigid heddle weaving is for me.  I thought the 24″ would be a good size (like I wouldn’t have bought it anyway had it been a different size) but I think it may be too wide.  Part of the problem is that I don’t have anything to rest the back end against while sitting on the couch.  I haven’t given up yet. I’ll finish this one, and wind another one the full width to see how that goes.