Road trip, the story is as long as the trip

Someone had a loom for sale so I emailed them.  (Because I need another loom like I need a hole in my head.)  After not hearing anything for a day, I emailed again.  After two days of not hearing anything, I assumed the loom had sold.  But I finally got an email on the second day.  My previous emails had went to spam, I was the second person to respond, and yes the loom was still available, please call her.   I assumed the first responder had not taken the loom. I called and made arrangements to pick it up the next day (yesterday).  I told her it was a 3 1/2 hour drive and I could be there by 3:30.

The Man got off work early to go with me so as soon as I got off work, we headed out.  We got there early, a few minutes before 3:00.  I rang the doorbell, no one answered.  I tried to call and got an answering machine.  No big deal since after all, we were early.  The ocean was only a couple of blocks away so we went there for a few minutes.  Back to the house at 3:30, still no answer to the doorbell.  By 4:30, I’m getting pretty pissed.  Either there was an emergency or she had sold the loom and wasn’t considerate enough to tell me before I drove close to 200 miles. I called one last time and left a message that we would stick around local until around 5:00 but wouldn’t be able to stay past that but to please call me on my cell if they got home around that time.  We were just about to leave when a vehicle pulled up and parked in front of the house.  It was her daughter.  I explained that I was supposed to be there to pick up a loom at 3:30 and no one was home.  The daughter called her mom and at 5:00 we were looking at the loom.

I’d say long story short but too late for that.  The seller had emailed her phone number to both me and the first person who emailed her.  After I called her, the other person she had given her phone number to also called her.  The other person apologized and said she couldn’t take the loom, had decided to do other things.  The seller thought that it was me calling, changing my mind, not the second person with her phone number, so they weren’t expecting me to come pick it up.  The seller felt so bad for us waiting for so long that she knocked some money off the loom.

Now I have a 4 shaft Schacht Baby Wolf (minus the stroller wheels that it was supposed to have, couldn’t be found).  The plan was to use it for workshops but there’s no way I can get that thing in and out of my car’s trunk by myself.  Everyone seems to like weaving on them and it doesn’t take up much room when it’s folded so it’s going to be here for a little while.

I asked The Man to make a little tension device for my electric bobbin winder.  The winder is old, very old.  I’d say no newer than the 1960’s based on the wiring.  I was taking it to The Man to explain what I wanted and a ball bearing falls out of the motor.  He tried taking the motor apart and could find no other ball bearings in it.  I’ve either been using this thing with only 1, the others are extremely well hidden inside, or they also fell out and rolled far enough that I just haven’t found them yet.  I’ve gotten very spoiled with the electric double ended winder and I don’t want to live without it.  New ones are expensive so I’m hoping to find a cheap motor at a local sewing machine shop.