What can I say?  Patience pays off.

That there is a loom.  Being taken to live somewhere new.  Which just happens to be the same place where I live.

The person who listed it on Craigslist didn’t have a lot of info on the looms so I didn’t know a whole lot about it before I went to see it.  There was one picture of the loom, which did help me determine it was a Macomber, but I didn’t know the weaving width or age.  It looked like an 8-shaft loom, with 10 or 12 treadles.  It isn’t.  It’s a 12-shaft loom with 17 treadles.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess there’s a treadle missing. It came with a 40″ reed, which doesn’t have much rust at all.  But that’s not all.  It came with a whole boatload of shtuff!

Let’s see what all we have here.  The loom, which has a regular back beam AND a sectional back beam, harnesses and 2 reeds (1 too long for loom, bummer) leaning against the wall, box with about 30 or so pirns, box with spools and some unknown items, 5 boxes (white ones under bench) of 2 oz spools of Lily cotton, the bench with a drawer, pick-up sticks, boat shuttle, 3 end feed shuttles, rag shuttle, books, electric bobbin winder, Leclerc skein winder (or maybe it’s for sectional warping, not sure), and more pick-up sticks and treadle hooks in the drawer.

I told The Man I could easily sell this for more than what I paid.  Hell, I could sell off all the extras and get more than what I paid.  He insists that I keep the loom (like I wasn’t going to, ha!).  I think it’s just because he doesn’t want to ever have to move it again.  That sucker is heavy, even with all the harnesses and sectional beam removed.  Anyway, I’ve got most of the wood cleaned but there’s still more to do, mostly with the metal parts.  When it comes time to weave a real project, I’ll probably have to buy more heddles.  I’ll probably need to get an apron kit for the cloth bar as the strings feel dry and kind of stiff, and possibly have to replace the ones on the back too.  Once those things are all done, I think it’s ready to weave on.

The latest

Quite a bit has gone on in the last month.

I started a sock on a trip.  The little bit that I got done didn’t look anything like what’s in the book.  I realized that I was reading the chart starting at the top (like I was reading a weaving draft) instead of starting at the bottom (like a knitting chart).  I ripped that out and got started again but that was about as far as it went.

The in-laws were here for a bit.  The Man said I needed another loom.  Then he said 2 looms.  (Yes, although it seems random, those 3 sentences all tie together.)

Saw 3 gopher snakes in the backyard, 2 of which seemed to be very fond of each other (if you know what I mean, hubba hubba).

Gardening is going well.  We’ve already eaten all the radishes that we planted.  We’re not planning on planting any more since they’re getting a hot bite to them.  Tomatoes are getting nice and plump, though none are red yet.

Our 14 year old kitty had a stroke, or at least that’s what we think.  All blood work was good so vet said it’s probably neurological.  A guy my husband works with said their cat was diagnosed as having a stroke after she had the same exact symptoms our cat displayed.  She’s getting back to normal now but it was pretty scary for a couple of days.  This also puts getting another used loom on hold.  $$$ Emergency vet and regular vet visit 😦  That’s okay though.

I’ve been weaving.  I swear sometimes I think the more I do, the worse I get.  I wound too many threads for the warp, couldn’t seem to get even tension on the warp for the life of me, tied up the treadles wrong, threading error #1 was found 3 inches in so I unwove and rethreaded.  Threading error #2 was found 2 FEET or more into the warp, it is now a design feature for those 2 feet or more.  Everything seems to be going well now, knock on wood.  I have 2 more feet to go, then it’s off the loom.

It was hard to get a decent picture of the pattern.  I stuck a towel behind it so it would show up better.  This is destined to become a panel for a door with glass panes.  I wound on enough for 2 panels and I’m through the first one.   I wanted something that would let light in but would block anyone seeing in.  Being as there are no houses behind us, just the random walkers, these should work fine.  If not, they’ll become table runners or something.  The only problem is my loom only weaves 22″ and the area I need to cover is 21″.  With shrinkage, I’m probably going to be short on width so I may have to use 2 panels per door.