Again with the bleh

I sampled and I sampled to get the hearts just right, and then I screwed up.  So, the hearts scarf is done but not happy with it.  The tops of the hearts just aren’t right.  Too thin on one side, too thick on the other.  They aren’t like the 9th and final sample that I was happy with.  This is because sometimes I just do stupid stuff.  Like handwash the samples and get them like I want, then throw the actual scarf in the washer where it gets more agitation.  Which caused me agitation.


And, I had a warp thread break, the one right in the middle where it will show up the most. Eh, people won’t notice it when the scarf is worn but I just happened to take a picture of the spot when trying to get the reverse side. Of course


And then I folded the scarf in half and found that my reverse point was not at the halfway point. We’ve all known for a long time that I can’t count stitches, now it seems I can’t count hearts.


To add insult to injury, my other project for the guild challenge also turned out bleh.  I didn’t want to make more towels so decided on a bag.  I knew the minute I started putting the warp on the warp beam that I wasn’t going to like it.  No way in hell I’m carrying around this as a bag.

This is after wet finishing but the color isn’t right

The colors are actually like this


This may turn into a couple of extra wide dish towels, or it might rot in the closet until I get over my irritation.