I’ve had a warp on the loom for a month, slowly weaving here and there when time allowed.  I finished the 5th (I think) and final towel and still have some warp left to play with.  There’s not enough for another towel, though maybe a few washcloths.

In this one, the twill lines all go in a diagonal.  In the one after this, the lines zigzag, which you can’t see in this picture.

I’ve also been working on the pie wedge shawl.

There were 3 1/2 wedges when I took the picture, there are 5 complete wedges completed now.  One more to go.  The first shawl took 2 months to complete.  This one is most likely only going to take about a month.  The new one is very close to the same color as the old one.

Old one on the right, new one on the left.  I’ll be the first to admit that these shawls aren’t something you look at and say “ooo, pretty” because they really aren’t.  The colors are in very short spurts which detracts from any type of lace pattern because they pool.

Spring cleaning fever is hitting, at least for today.  I thought when I got off work, I could get the living room completely cleaned.  No.  I went through 3 baskets and 2 large drawers of crap.  Crap like magazines, cds, books, old paperwork, tv/dvd player/etc wires, playing cards… crap.  Now I have a stack of magazines piled up by chair so I can go through them to see if I want to keep them. So much for cleaning up.  But, I do want to make things look presentable as the in-laws are coming next week.  Unfortunately, I tend to first clean things no one will ever see instead of the things they will, like my closet or sock drawer.  It’s a struggle to stay away from those but I got off to a good start.  At least I started in the right room.

And yet more CNCH

The vendor hall was open for 3 days.  Each day you went, you dropped your entry ticket into the basket for a drawing that was done every half hour.  On the first day, a woman standing at the basket said that the basket was emptied every half hour after the drawing, and you had to be present to win.  Being as I had a class, I didn’t want to waste my ticket so saved it for the later part of the day.  I found out later in the day that info was wrong.  The basket was emptied at the end of the day, and you did not have to be present at the time of the drawing.  It turned out okay though, as I won a shirt from AVL on the second day.  Woo, yay!

The first night was the fashion show and it was a w e s o m e!  The MC was Rachel Clark and I truly believe it might not have been as fun if it weren’t for her.  What a wonderful sense of humor.  The models were pretty awesome too.  Some of the things modeled I loved and hope to one day be good enough to make such things. This guy was entertaining everyone before (and after, I’m assuming he was out in his area the whole time) the show

You really need to click it for bigger.  He was covered in vests, which I didn’t realize until I saw the name on his little podium.  I remember it was Vested something or something Vested.  Even his accordion is wearing a vest.

The first day, I took a class with Daryl Lancaster on Warping Fast.  I’ll insert a little story here.  Two weeks before CNCH, I tried using the AVL Warping Wheel again.  Me and it, not best friends. Instead of letting it sit around the house while I give it dirty looks, I sold it to someone in the guild.  When she was picking it up, we talked about CNCH and she asked what classes I was taking.  I could remember two of them but drew a blank on the 3rd.  Later that evening, I looked and couldn’t help but laugh.  I sold the warping wheel and here I was about to take a class that would talk about using it.  The class was still great though.  Daryl is a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her classes to anyone.  Her monographs and handouts are very well done, with pictures that match what she shows on her slides.

The next two classes were both taught by Robyn Spady, one on weaving blocks and the other general tips and tricks.  I learned a lot there too.  I do wish that her handouts had pictures too.  One of them I’m going to make and show you when I get a chance to breathe.  She was teaching a class at my very first guild meeting and I was too shy to take it at the time. I chose my classes not only on the subject but also who was teaching them and I’m glad I took the ones I did.

The Man and I went to the Winchester Mystery House.  I’ve been wanting to go ever since I first heard about it and this was the perfect opportunity to go.  I think some people expect it to be scary, which it isn’t.  It is very interesting though.  We got to see 110 of the 160 rooms.  You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the house or else they’ll escort you out, but you can take them in the museum areas.  Here’s the gingerbread replica

CNCH loot

The two-legged creatures weren’t the only ones weaving or spinning yarns

I didn’t get close enough to actually look (it was cold, I’m a pansy, I had The Man take the pic for me) but when I look at the picture in the bigger size (clicky clicky), it looks like little fairies are in the web, repairing any broken threads that might have occurred.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were little fairies to fix our broken threads?

Also not loot, though the ladies tried hard to convince me to take one home. but I have to show it because they are so cute. Did you know you can litter box train alpacas?  I didn’t!

I caught the one on the left in mid chew.  See their litter box in the top left corner? I was also amazed that the hotel let them come into the convention center. Apparently one of them loved riding the elevator.  When it would stop, the alpaca would stick it’s head out then back into the elevator to go for another ride.

Now for the actual loots.  Outside the doors to the vendor hall, there was a table of free things from the sponsoring guilds.  Along with magazines were large binders with samples that people had woven in the past.  Over the course of 2 days, I picked up a nice little stack.  Can I just say that if someone is looking through a binder of samples, it’s kind of rude to start grabbing at the sample the other person is looking at.  Just sayin’.  I also picked up some past issues of Spin Off from the table.  Inside was a booth that had free magazines also.  I picked up a couple of Handwoven magazines that I was missing and a few more Spin Off mags.  You’ve all seen magazines before right?  I don’t think we need a picture of those.

Yarn, glorius yarn.

Solid blue and black are rayon, the pastels to the right is a cotton rayon boucle. From Newton’s Yarns and at 60% off, woohoo!

Heaven 3200 yds of 45% Tencel 55% Merino softness, from Yarn Place

Graceful Lace, also from Yarn Place. 1800 yds 100% wool

That’s all the yarns I bought, if you can believe that.  I also bought a McMorran Yarn Balance and these little doo-dads.

These are called Flexi-8 Hair Clips and can be used as shawl pins.  I’ll be using mine as hair clips.  The one on the left has a turtle, the one on the right has a dragonfly.  You can see them much better if you click for bigger.  (All pictures in this post can be clicked for bigger.) I have very fine hair and these hold the hair well without breaking it off.


The Man and I made a vacation of it.  The first day was mostly driving.  Along the way, we saw Morro Rock

Not far after that, we stopped to see the seals.  There were a ton of them.  I have closer pictures that I’ll try to get uploaded soon.  These have come up to molt according to the paper we picked up.  (Warning: if you click this one for bigger, it’s HUGE.)

Not letting the seals get all the glory, this little guy wasn’t afraid of anyone.  He would run out from behind the fence and practically grab your shoe.

We took the Pacific Coast Highway for part of the ride.  It’s a beautiful drive.  (They’re working on it right now so there were a lot of one lane road areas.  We’d get out of one one lane section, and hit another within 5 minutes.)  We did see where Hearst Castle is and hope to visit that in the future.

Enough pictures for today, tomorrow I’ll show you the alpacas wearing bows and the small loot I brought home.


This past weekend, I went to the Conference of Northern California Handweavers. I had a class on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.  That was also 3 days of being able to spend half the day in the vendor hall.  While I did spend some time shopping, I spent quite a bit of time in the Spinning Corral.  The first day, one of the volunteers showed me how to spin on a spindle.  They had a bag of fibers and for a $5 donation, I got a spindle made from a CD and choice of two balls of fiber to play with.  I took it back to the room and again, I didn’t do well.

The next day, I passed by the booth selling Woolee Winders and electric spinners.  Thinking maybe I’d do better there, the guy tried to teach me using the electric spinner.  Boy, spinning must just not be my thing.  Not willing to give up, I went back to the Corral for one more try.  This time went much better.  The lady sat me at a Lendrum double treadle and told me to just sit there and work the treadles.  The goal was to get my feet going at a steady rhythm without thinking about what my feet were doing.  I treadled for what seemed like forever.  Then we introduced the fiber into it.  I spun yarn!  Granted, it was not pretty and it wasn’t even, but I did it!  Mini hanks!

The bad thing is that I now want a spinning wheel.  Like I need more tools sitting around the house, not to mention more yarn. I was ready to run to the nearest vendor that sold the Lendrum and bring that baby home.  Surprisingly, common sense took over.  Being as they had all those wheels in the Corral, I should try each one.  There were close to 10 different wheels in there and I treadled each without trying make yarn.  I didn’t like the Ladybug, though I was hoping I would simply because it has color.  The Clemes seemed to be very hard to treadle for me. Actually, I didn’t really like any of the single treadle wheels they had.  My two favorites were the Ashford Joy and the Lendrum DT.  Choosing between the two, in my very limited experience, I think I like the Lendrum the best.

I’ve tried the spindle again.  While I am doing better on it, I think I like the wheel better.  It’s likely I need something better than the CD spindle, or the one I tried to make myself.  Regardless, I’ve got my eye out for a used wheel 🙂