Inkling on

Still having fun with the Mini Wave.


I do think I need to remove some heddles. It’s hard to get my fingers in there to thread them. I tried tying on to the old warp, with mixed results. The blue/white one worked fine. The pink/grey one not so much, due to the fact that some of the old warp slipped out of the heddles while I was tying the new one on. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these bands yet, I’m just enjoying making them. They’re also serving a purpose, which is to help me find how many threads to use for specified widths. I’m sure you can see I like the little bars and the chains. I need to branch out and play with the designs more.

This thing is finished, for lack of a better word.


I’m very disappointed with this. I feel like I failed in so many ways. The bright side is I learned a few things that shouldn’t be done, or things that could be done better.

In other news, my baby is going to have a baby. When my daughters were babies, I lived in a small town, and baby wraps/babywearing were unheard of.  My daughter will get a handwoven baby wrap, and I hope it makes her life easier. I made this last year, with the original intent to sell, but daughter said they were going to start trying so I held onto it. Here are two very poor pictures. the first one is before it was wet finished, but it does show that there are two sides.


And this is me doing a very poor job of wrapping a not-so-life-like doll.



CNCH 2016

CNCH, the Conference of Northern California Handweavers, is only a 4-5 hour drive from me so of course I went. On the day that registration went live, I had forgotten about it. By the time I registered, the 6 hour workshop that I really wanted was filled, so I chose another. I was so disappointed, but there was a condensed version of the 6 hour workshop that still had availability, so I could at least take that one. Since I didn’t get the 6 hour I wanted, I took a workshop called All Tied Up by Jette Vandermeiden. I thought I would maybe pick up a few tips or tricks, and hopefully learn the art of not dozing during an afternoon session. Boy was I wrong. I had no problem at all staying awake after lunch. Jette (pronounced Yetta) is a wonderful teacher. While I knew you could play with tie-ups to create new drafts from the same threading/treadling, I had a kind of tunnel vision too. I tend to create a threading, then a tie-up, then a treadling, then play with the tie-up to get rid of excessive floats or change the look. Jette showed us how to turn a simple 8 shaft threading into these different structures. For example, weave a double faced twill, then turn around and do a 4 shaft overshot, without re-threading the loom! There was definitely a light bulb went off effect. And after taking the condensed version of the workshop that I originally wanted, I was so glad I didn’t get the 6 hour version. It was a struggle to get through the condensed version, and I had some issues with how the class was taught and the things that were included.

Of course, I also did my fair share of supporting the vendors in the marketplace. I’m happy to say that there weren’t any impulse yarn purchases. I have finally realized that I do NOT need more yarn. (If you ever want to curb your yarn buying, become the person who takes donations for your guild. You will see how much of your yarn will not get used, and will not be wanted by someone else.) My purchases were things that I had been planning to buy at some point, and this way I didn’t have to pay shipping. I got a Gilmore Mini Wave and it’s case, and one of the new Dory shuttles. The Dory just came out but when I saw it advertised, I knew I was interested.  I also bought Texsolv heddles for the Baby Mac, and a Bluster Bay EFS with Honex tensioner. Since I didn’t bring any yarn with me, and I really wanted to try out the Mini Wave, I did buy 2 tiny balls of yarn. They look like the balls of crochet cotton that you buy at the craft stores, only much smaller. I have no idea how much yarn is on them. Guessing maybe 10 yards? I also didn’t bring a warping board, so had to improvise
When improvising like this, it is important to remember that 1) you didn’t bring scissors and that 2) no matter how much you try to stretch cotton to go over the part of the knob that is wider than where you wound, it’s not gonna happen. Fortunately I had one of those knife screwdriver combo things in the car. Using a dull knife does not make for even ends, just putting that out there. Even though I didn’t get the warp on the loom evenly, I still got to try it out. So far, I love it. It fits on my lap, and it’s small enough I can weave in the car. I intentionally didn’t weave much in the room because I was saving it to use on the way home. Today, I’m going to put on a warp that’s longer than 2 feet long, and might be photo worthy.

Mr Restless also went, though he went so he could take pictures. It rained pretty much the whole time we were there. While this was disappointing for landscape shots, he went inside of the covered bridge to keep from getting him and his camera too wet, and I think it’s my favorite photo of his so far. He wouldn’t have gotten that shot if it hadn’t been raining. The light at the end of the tunnel, or in this case the end of the bridge 🙂

Fruit trees are all planted and water lines are all ran. As is normal, big winds came through, and blew off a ton of the little fruits. They were the size of Tic Tacs, and no doubt that some would have fallen off anyway, but to find the ground around the trees littered with little baby fruits was sad. I don’t think we’ll have any blood oranges unfortunately, the navel tree and meyer lemon might still give us a good number, and the clementine tree might not do too badly.