If only I were this lucky with the lottery

Our and our neighbors front yard is small so we share the mowing.  One week we’ll mow it, the next week or whenever, they’ll take a turn.  Sometimes one of us will do it twice in a row, no big deal.  The neighbor mowed it last, and I think he mowed it the time before.  I was planning on mowing today (really!) but got hot after trimming the bushes and whacking some weeds so decided to cool off and finish mowing later in the day.  Next thing I know, neighbor is out mowing the yard.  I ran out to tell him that I was sure it was our turn and to leave the rest for me.  Then I notice something leaning up against the wall on the other side of his driveway.

RK: OH, you have an inkle loom!  And a warping board

Neighbor: Is that what it is?  Do you want it?  I was going to burn it.

RK: *gasp*

So, I said burn it.

As if!

It’s missing a “foot” on the left.  You can see the one on the right, turned sideways at this point.   The Man said he’d make a matching one for me, and it would also give him something to do with his father when his parents come next week.

I brought it in immediately and cleaned it up.  The wood is so pretty.  I can’t find any name on it and suspect that it’s homemade.  You can also see an extra little cut in the wood at the base where one of the legs fits into it.  The only thing that makes me wonder if it’s not is two of the pegs.

The top peg you can see has grooves.  The second peg down has a split in it that the heddles are tied through.  Also, the ends of the pegs that fit into the frame are smaller than the end of the peg that sticks out.  Not that these can’t be homemade, it just makes me wonder.

Isn’t she pretty?

I said that already, didn’t I.