Twined rug completed

Finished the rug 2 days ago.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I wish I had used a variety of colors instead of the same 2 throughout.  It’s just… too blue. I knew the floral sheet had some blue in it, I just didn’t realize how much until it was too late.  Still, it’s on the bathroom floor, all cushy for the feet, so it serves its purpose.  I’m hoping that when it gets a turn in the washer, the brown warp will disappear a little more into the body of the rug and not be obvious pointy ends sticking out.


Next I’m going to weave some tencel scarves, copying the previously mentioned friend.  I layed my yarn cards out on the table, picked the colors, then found I probably don’t have enough of one of the colors. Rinse repeat. Finally got smart and just picked from the cones instead of the cards.




At some point over the summer, I became interested in twining.  I made a small twining frame loom and made a couple of 6″ pieces to see how it worked and such.  I liked it enough that I decided to make a loom big enough to make a small rug for the bathroom or kitchen. Made the large loom, cut 7 or so sheets into strips (doing this by hand takes FOREVER fyi), then lost interest because I was so sick of the strips of fabric. While making some yarn cards, I was making a few trips back and forth in the room that has the yarn and loom, and it kept catching my eye. So


I have it leaning up against a table and occasionally, I see thistwinerugpaw