Overdue Convergence post

Convergence was only a little over a month ago, yet it seems like it’s been much longer.  It was so inspiring to be there and there was a part of me that couldn’t wait to get home to try new things.  Would it surprise you to hear that I haven’t touched a loom since I got home?  Well, I’ve touched a loom but I haven’t warped or woven anything.  More on that in a few.

So what did I buy? Not much, compared to some of my past sprees.  And while a lot of vendors carried the same things, I tried to spread out my purchases among them.


Starting at the top, a Colorwood shuttle from Yarn Barn of KS, a Schacht End Feed Shuttle from Espanola Valley Fiber Arts, 3 skeins of Graceful Lace yarn from Yarn Place, 8/2 Tencel in Almond Blossom (pink) from Lone Star Loom Room, 20/2 mercerized cotton in Slate from Lunatic Fringe, a Hazel Rose loom in Cherry from Carolina Homespun.

A closer look at the shuttle


A few books


Best of Weaver’s Summer & Winter from Village Spinning & Weaving, I preordered The Weaving Book from Flower Valley Press, Fit 2 Be Tied from Marg Coe at the AVL booth, and the CoE book from HGA.  (I don’t plan to do the CoE to get the certificate but I thought it might be a good guideline to do a study. The reason is I have no interest in tapestry weaving, and that’s required to complete the study.)

I got my copy of The Weaving Book a couple of weeks ago and to my delight, it was signed


I said I hadn’t touched a loom since I got home but that’s not entirely true.  I’ve touched 3.  1) I finally got the Mac’s apron bar re-stringed, 2) I made new shaft cables for the 4 shaft Harrisville, and 3) also made new shaft cables for the 8 shaft Harrisville.  (I put tutorials on how to do this on Ravelry.) Both Harrisvilles have found new homes. Eventually, the Mac will too, once I weave on it and make sure that the re-stringing is even.  The Gilmore will possibly find a new home too, depending on if someone will pay what I want for it.  I’ll keep it before I give it away.

Why am I selling all my looms?  No, I’m not giving up weaving.  I’m buying a new loom.  Ever since I took a workshop at the guild, where the teacher brought an AVL workshop dobby loom, I’ve been kind of lusting for a dobby.   I did a bit of research online and became very interested in the Leclerc Weavebird.  I’m sure all dobby looms have their problems, whether it is user error or manufacturer error, but Leclerc seems to have the best reputation for customer service.  At Convergence, I talked to Leclerc and wove on a Weavebird and that pretty much did it.  I’ve done plenty of thinking about it the last several weeks, making sure this is what I want and.. I think I do.  I’m going to order it on the 17th, which will make it my official birthday present.  For this year, and the next, and the next…

There’s a reason I don’t talk in public

I’m having an absolute blast at Convergence.  I had a class taught by Lillian Whipple this morning where I learned how to figure out the threading, tie up, and treadling when I only have the drawdown.  This is something that has been boggling my brain for a long time but now that I see how to do it, it seems so simple.

I met Helene Bress today.  The Weaving Book has been reprinted and should be available in a couple of weeks.  I preordered it.  I’ve been trying to talk Steve (her son) into letting me take one of the two copies they have now but they are supposed to go to some publishing promoters.

Tonight was Moonlight Madness.  None of the vendor booths I visited had any special deals.  I did see Marg Coe at the AVL booth, selling and autographing her new book.  She explained to me what was in the book and what it was about. She asked about what loom I had, to which I replied “I have a 12s but there’s a 16s Weavebird (LeClerc, different loom maker) over there calling my name!”  As soon as the words left my mouth, it hit me that I was still in the AVL booth.  I slapped my hand over my mouth and turned probably 5 shades of red.  And people wonder why I don’t talk much in public.