Inkling on

Still having fun with the Mini Wave.


I do think I need to remove some heddles. It’s hard to get my fingers in there to thread them. I tried tying on to the old warp, with mixed results. The blue/white one worked fine. The pink/grey one not so much, due to the fact that some of the old warp slipped out of the heddles while I was tying the new one on. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these bands yet, I’m just enjoying making them. They’re also serving a purpose, which is to help me find how many threads to use for specified widths. I’m sure you can see I like the little bars and the chains. I need to branch out and play with the designs more.

This thing is finished, for lack of a better word.


I’m very disappointed with this. I feel like I failed in so many ways. The bright side is I learned a few things that shouldn’t be done, or things that could be done better.

In other news, my baby is going to have a baby. When my daughters were babies, I lived in a small town, and baby wraps/babywearing were unheard of.  My daughter will get a handwoven baby wrap, and I hope it makes her life easier. I made this last year, with the original intent to sell, but daughter said they were going to start trying so I held onto it. Here are two very poor pictures. the first one is before it was wet finished, but it does show that there are two sides.


And this is me doing a very poor job of wrapping a not-so-life-like doll.



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