I haven’t been all that enthused about weaving for the last year. I still wanted to do things, just never made great strides to actually do them. I made a few towels that didn’t get hemmed, and I made a scarf that still needs the fringe twisted. I made things, I just wasn’t excited about making things. That’s changing.

First, I’ve decided that I AM going to try my hand at baby wraps.  I won’t be doing customs because I think that might be too much pressure.  I’m going to make what I make. If someone likes it enough to buy it, great. If they don’t, the fabric can always be cut and made into the ever useful towels.  The first one will have a lot of black in it, and of course I don’t have enough. Webs black is on backorder, which means I need to order a different brand if I’m going to start this soon, which means I’ll have to order my other colors in the same brand to lessen the chances of the shrinkage being different between the brands.  Which also means I need color cards. So, I can’t start weaving one tomorrow, but hopefully soon.

Second, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with Photoshop and Fiberworks.  Coming soon to a towel near… well, me


pawsb3-24 back

It’s Double 2 Tie turned Summer & Winter on 24 shafts.  Excited!

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