The Great Procrastination

Since last we met, The Man and I picked up two more loads of yarn and stuff.  Imagine the previous picture x 2. I’m not going to be parking in my garage for awhile.  I’ve gone through most, but not close to everything.  I still need to go back and pick up a large rug/tapestry type loom.  She had a Leclerc Nilus that unfortunately would have cost more to repair than it was worth.  Water and termite damage had eaten one side of the loom, the beams were cracked, etc.  Most of the yarn is acrylic I believe and I’ll be lucky if anyone takes it.  But, I’m a little bit of a yarn snob too.

Marg Coe is teaching a workshop at the guild this weekend on Tied Weaves.  I, as per my usual fashion, put off deciding colors until the last minute. Which also means I’m warping the loom at the last minute.  I’ll be hosting her while she is here, which means I also need to clear out the dust bunnies.  Now, I have 2 days to get the loom warped and get the house cleaned up and it sounds like plenty of time. But in my mind, it’s a frantic rush to get things done.  And instead of doing the things I need to do, I’m procrastinating by writing this here post.

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