Prelim draft

If I wove near as much as I played with weaving software planning what to possibly weave, we’d have handwovens overflowing out the rooftop.  Hearts. Some people hate ’em, I’m one of those that doesn’t.  This design is my own, I started from scratch.  To really see this, you’ll have to click to make bigger as it represents over 30″ of width.

hearts wrap fixed

Top half, or 1/3 as the case may be – the hearts are close together, all going the same direction for each half.  Where they would change direction would be the middle.

Botton half, or 2/3 – More space between the hearts.  They change direction every other heart. Up down up down. I like this one best as of right now.

Both drafts have the lines of hearts spaced 2 lines a little close, 1 farther out, 2 lines close, 1 farther out, etc. I’m not sure if I like that better than evenly spaced or not.

I may have to do a little more playing with this. I like the line that goes from heart to heart, especially in the bottom section. The hearts are connected. Others may not feel the same way. Opinions welcome, what do you think?

The draft above isn’t bad, but look at the fun that happens when you change the colors

hearts wrap diff blue

I just randomly plugged in some colors for the stripes. I don’t have those exact colors, though I imagine that I have close, especially considering UPS just dropped off a nice 12lb box from Webs. Yay yarn!

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