The first time I saw Redfish Dyeworks at a sale, my heart fluttered.  Fluttered I tell you! I bought a couple of skeins of 60/2 and wove a scarf, terrified the whole time that I was going to be throwing a bunch of money down the drain. Those threads are thin! What if I had a lot of breakage? To my surprise, I didn’t have a single broken thread. This stuff is stronger than I thought it would be.  I vowed I would buy a skein or two at each show to build up a stash. This is what I’m up to


At our guild sale a couple of weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to some 20/2 silk. Because I sold all the things that I put on the sale table, I celebrated by getting a whole set of colors. They weren’t in a set, they were just simply next to each other. Redfish does such an excellent job with their displays. I didn’t have to dig around trying to figure out which colors would work together, they were just there.


I’m planning a gradation of some sort with these, though those plans may change. With the help of a guildmate and Redfish, I chose a color for weft. She didn’t have that color in 20/2 so will be dyeing it and sending it to me.


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