Doubleweave hems. Oh. My. What a wonderful thing.  I learned about this on Alice Schlein’s blog a long while back but never tried it. I either forgot it when I had an actual project on the loom, or remembered it when the looms were naked.  Finally the planets aligned and I remembered it while I had a warp on the loom.  I will never do another rolled hem again, as long as it’s possible.  So much easier to hem, and much easier for me to see to hem. I did a really bad job on this project, because the project was already a disaster anyway and I just didn’t care if it looked perfect, but I can still tell this will be my favorite way to hem towels in the future.


I used the sewing machine on the other end to see if I like that better. I don’t, and didn’t take a picture of it.  I’m considering taking out the sewing machine hem and using that end to see just how well I can make it look.  You should look at Alice’s though, hers look so nice. The instructions are here.

Why was this project a disaster?  Because of those loose threads I mentioned before. I got to the point that I didn’t care there were mistakes, stopped unweaving to fix them, and vowed the towel to be a troubleshooter sampler. To add to the misery of loose threads, I set my software to do a certain amount of picks so I didn’t have to fuss with a measuring string of any sort. Windows decided that my weaving software should stop responding. Since I was depending on the software to take care of the number of picks for me, I hadn’t been paying close attention to what pick I was on. So I guessed. And now I have a towel that is 5 inches longer than I planned on.


Hopefully tomorrow I can tie the warp back to the tie rod and start a new towel. After I rake the leaves, trim the bushes, go to the vet’s office for dog meds, grocery store run….

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