January 16

There I go again, just leaving you all on the edge of your seats wondering what I’m up to.  The last few months of the year, I wove quite a bit.  Four scarves (2 for each daughter), 6 (I think) false damask towels, and 4 or so waffle weave towels.  I didn’t get pictures of the scarves before I handed them off to the girls, I only have before-wet-finishing pictures of the waffle weave towels, and the false damask towel pictures are still in the camera. I’d show you pictures but they’re crap – washed out and don’t show the colors well.

I also tried my hand at tying on a new warp to an existing one, and figured out why my Gilmore and I didn’t see eye to eye (the issue was not me :p but I will fix it). I have not hemmed any of the towels yet.

I’ve kind of fallen into a weaving funk, if not just a general winter funk.  I want to weave, I just don’t know what I want to weave.  Everything sounds appealing, yet nothing sounds appealing.  I might be coming out of it though.  On the WeaveTech list, Susan Wilson posted about her new book on Crackle weave being available (click on See What’s Inside to see a couple of pages from the book).  After reading about it, I suggested to the guild librarian that it might be a good book to add to the library, which she did.  And since I suggested it, I got to borrow the book first.  I got it at the meeting on Saturday and after just a few pages in, I’m extremely interested in getting to know this weave better.  I’m anxious to read more and put a learning warp on the loom.  I have The Crackle Weave book by Mary Snyder* in my personal library and have had for quite awhile but I’ve never paid too much attention to it.  Susan’s book, Weave Classic Crackle & More, has detailed pictures – very pretty pictures – that The Crackle Weave book doesn’t and now I see what can actually be done with it. Not that I haven’t seen crackle woven before, I’ve just never taken the time to understand what makes crackle what it is.

Maybe picking a topic and learning about it will get me out of this ho hum blah.

I also took a week off work.  Right now I just hate it. Despite being able to roll out of bed and work in my pj’s, I dread getting up during the week and being chained to my computer.  It’s one thing to spend hours surfing and reading things that are interesting, and something totally different spending hours doing something that is boring the hell out of you. My brain needs a rest. Though I don’t know if studying crackle will be considered a rest or not.

*The Crackle Weave by Mary E. Snyder is no longer in print but you can find the book (I would call it more like a booklet) used pretty cheap.  It’s like a workshop in booklet form.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 10:48:31

    I get that way sometimes when I’m hungry. I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. You’ll figure out your next project soon!


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