Opinions wanted

I’ve been playing with drafts for a guild challenge.  My plans were to include hearts in the middle of a twill piece.  I’ve accomplished that for the most part, and while I’m not sure I’m done playing with this, I would like to go ahead and get some other thoughts besides my own.

1 Side A


1 Side B


2 Side A


2 Side B


3 Side A


3 Side B


I like the hearts spaced out in number 1 but the sides of the hearts are a little thin.  The hearts are closer together in 2 and while they still appeal to me somewhat, there’s still an issue with the sides.  I like the sides of the hearts in 3 but so far I haven’t been able to get that heart without the little spots that go out from the sides.  The spots don’t bother me at all in side A but I’m not sure I like them in side B.  Be honest, tell me what you like or don’t like about these.  If you hate them all and think I should go back to the drawing board, I’m ready to hear it.

In other news, I finished weaving the fabric for panels for our doors.  I was 2 inches short of weaving a full 6 yards.  I’ve washed the fabric and pressed it.  I hand hemmed the.. uh.. pocket for the rod to go through.  I haven’t cut the bottom yet, still thinking about how long I want them.  Pictures soon, so far the only ones I have are on my phone.