Yarn flowers

Reading blogs can be so dangerous.  Sometimes, you see something in a whole new light and you become obsessed.  Such was the case when I read this post by Curiousweaver.  I’ve never really had a huge desire to make yarn flowers before.  Until I saw hers.  What a neat little touch.  I spent the next couple of hours looking at flowers, looms, and instructions.  In the end, I made the simplest of looms.


I used a compass to draw the circles on a piece of paper, then taped it to a small box. I just eyeballed the spoke lines, and used plain old brad nails. I found some 8/2 tencel that had been the end of a warp and got started. I started big and worked my way down in size. I tossed them on the lamp shade so they didn’t get lost in the couch cushions


I kind of like them there.


I don’t know that I’ll use these particular ones in any project, they’re mostly just for learning how to do it.