One of these days

One of these days, I want to weave a cape.  I’ll wear it when I’m lurking around in the woods with elves,  trying to protect The Ring.  Or maybe, I’ll wear it at night, with the hood low over my forehead, while carrying a scythe.  Even more fun would be to wait until my husband falls asleep, then wake him up while standing in front of him in a dimly lit room. Or maybe I’ll just wear it to the grocery store.

I’m not sure where I’ll really wear it, I just want one.  What I really want is solid black wool.  Now really, I have enough yarn to last me for a long while so I’ve not been in any hurry to buy wool for a cape.  I’ve never even woven with wool so when I got the wool last month, I was thrilled.  Finally, wool to weave with.  And then this morning, another jackpot.  Someone brought several large garbage bags of yarn to the guild, to be given away.  There were at least 50 cones of Harrisville wool.  Again, I have enough yarn to last for a long while, but free wool is free wool.  Maybe I’m not meant to have a black cape, but one with a bit of color.

Someone said she saw some breakage in one of the cones and warned that there are moths in the cones.  She suggested sitting them in the hot sun.  I don’t see any obvious breakage in the ones I have but I have them sitting outside in the sun anyway.  To keep birds from leaving any surprise gifts on my precious yarn, I have them in those zippered bags that bedding comes in.  I still plan on giving them some fun time in the freezer too.  (The very bottom left pink cone is cotton, all the rest are Harrisville wool.)

ETA: Closer inspection found 2 cones with damage.  I doubt the original owner knew it was there because I really had to look for it. I’m not mad at anyone, other than the evil moths.  Also, what I want is actually a long flowy cloak, not a short cape.