Catch up

What better way to start the new year than blogging last year’s things.  Back in October, I put a farewell warp on the Macomber loom.  Two reasons: one was so prospective buyers could sit down and throw a shuttle if they wanted to test it out, the other was.. well.. a farewell project.  I also decided to play a little.

First, what happens when you use a thicker weft with a thinner warp, what visual difference is there between using a thicker weft and a thinner weft.


While using the thicker weft, I noticed that I had skipped a dent in the reed.  Reed marks do not always come out with wet finishing


I cut the thicker weft part off and resleyed the reed.  Then I played with some different color wefts


I love the little diamonds in the blocks


I still haven’t decided what to do with this.  The whole thing is large enough for two towels, even after cutting off the color playing.  But maybe I can sew it into something.  Still undecided.

The Man has been asking me to make something for him and I finally got the requested scarf done.  It’s just a simple plain weave.  The first time I made it (too short), I used an all black warp, and alternated green and black for weft.  I’m not a fan of two shuttle weaving, I like to just get in the groove and throw back and forth so when making the second scarf, I alternated the green and black in the warp, and only used black for the weft.  It was interesting to me that one appeared darker than the other.  I don’t know if it’s because I did the warp and weft different, or what actually caused it.  The piece on top has the green and black warp, the large piece on bottom has the green and black weft.


Now that the holidays are over and things will be getting back to normal, I hope to get a start on my big sampler.