40″ Macomber 12s/16t for sale

I read for sale ads where people say something to the effect of “oh, I hate to sell this but I’m selling this loom” and I think eh, they’re just saying that.  Now, I know what they mean.  It makes me sad that I’m trying to sell this loom.  I love this loom.  But, I’m sure I will love the new loom more. (Right?)  So yeah, selling my Macomber 12s/16t 40″ weaving loom.  It has a sectional and a plain warp beam.  There’s no way I can ship it as we no longer have a truck to haul anything in.  I have a warp on it now in case someone wants to test weave but I’ll be cutting it off when I sell the loom.  Price is $900.  We’re northwest of Los Angeles if anyone is interested. More pics and info on Ravelry, or let me know if you want me to email them to you.


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