Because you always need more towels

If I keep making towels, I’m going to have to start getting rid of the purchased ones.  Or I could stop being selfish and give some away.  As far as feel goes, these are my favorite towels so far.  They’re thin but dry the hands, and dishes, quick and easily.  I like the smooshy-ness of waffle weave too so plan to make some waffle weave with the thinner yarn.

All 6 were on a warp of 10/2 mercerized cotton in white.  The wefts were, from left to right, a turquoise 20/2 unmercerized cotton, a multi colored 10/2 mercerized cotton, magenta 20/2 unmercerized, black 20/2 unmercerized, lavendar 20/2 unmercerized.  The top towel (which hasn’t been hemmed yet) in pale blue, pale green, and yellow were also 20/2 unmercerized.  I had originally planned to use only the green, blue, yellow, and black for them since I had already wound the yarn on bobbins for a shadow weave class.  The green, blue, and yellow all appeared too pale when I first tried them so switched to darker colors.  At the end, I didn’t care that they were too pale looking and used them anyway.  I was going to alternate the blue, green, and yellow all through the top towel but the yellow looks too glaring against the paler blue and green so, being too lazy to go back and cut the yellow out, I left them as… accent stripes.

I got a little bored so switched things up a little and made the lavender one striped instead of having squares.  The magenta one is also a little different, though it’s hard to see.

In the black, you can see the twill lines running in a diagonal.  In the magenta, I tried to zigzag the lines.  You can see more of the zigzag in the white than the magenta.  There was a little more warp on the loom so I used up the yellow on what was left.  I was planning on cutting it up and turning it into a few washclothes but they may be too thin for that.  We’ll see.

Before wet finishing – 19 x 30
After a cold bath and being hemmed- 17 x 25.  These will shrink more once I wash them in hot.
Lessons learned – 1/2″ hems are a bad idea.  Thicker is not necessarily better.

The in-laws were came on Thursday of last week.  They left Monday morning.  Monday afternoon, I started getting sick.  Talk about timing.  Yesterday I was aching all over, my throat felt like it was swelling shut, ran a small fever, and even felt sick at my stomach at times.  Today I’m still feeling it but not as bad as yesterday.  I took the day off work and am recouping on the couch in front of the boob tube.

Oh, and I lied in my last post.  I said there were 5 wedges done when there were only 4.  There actually are 5 now and I imagine it will be a total of 2 months on this one too.  I thought there were 5 towels instead of 6 too.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynnette
    May 05, 2010 @ 12:13:33

    I’m a huge fan of handwoven tea towels and was on a bit of a jag myself last month. I’ve found that a 1″ selvedge of a thinner (even sewing thread) weft tucks under very nicely giving a not so bulky hem. I really like that each towel that you did is special in some way, either with colour or pattern – I like ’em!


  2. ladyoftheloom
    May 05, 2010 @ 14:49:54

    I LOVE your towels. Thanks for posting pictures! One day I will get back to weaving myself and I think I will start with a towel warp.

    Feel better


  3. Beth
    May 09, 2010 @ 15:13:42

    I’ve been a bad girl with blog reading. You’ve been busy and you’re knitting, too! Love your towels. I hope you’re feeling better by now.


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