I’ve had a warp on the loom for a month, slowly weaving here and there when time allowed.  I finished the 5th (I think) and final towel and still have some warp left to play with.  There’s not enough for another towel, though maybe a few washcloths.

In this one, the twill lines all go in a diagonal.  In the one after this, the lines zigzag, which you can’t see in this picture.

I’ve also been working on the pie wedge shawl.

There were 3 1/2 wedges when I took the picture, there are 5 complete wedges completed now.  One more to go.  The first shawl took 2 months to complete.  This one is most likely only going to take about a month.  The new one is very close to the same color as the old one.

Old one on the right, new one on the left.  I’ll be the first to admit that these shawls aren’t something you look at and say “ooo, pretty” because they really aren’t.  The colors are in very short spurts which detracts from any type of lace pattern because they pool.

Spring cleaning fever is hitting, at least for today.  I thought when I got off work, I could get the living room completely cleaned.  No.  I went through 3 baskets and 2 large drawers of crap.  Crap like magazines, cds, books, old paperwork, tv/dvd player/etc wires, playing cards… crap.  Now I have a stack of magazines piled up by chair so I can go through them to see if I want to keep them. So much for cleaning up.  But, I do want to make things look presentable as the in-laws are coming next week.  Unfortunately, I tend to first clean things no one will ever see instead of the things they will, like my closet or sock drawer.  It’s a struggle to stay away from those but I got off to a good start.  At least I started in the right room.

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  1. Heather
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 11:10:20

    Well. If worse comes to worse and it gets to be the last minute, just bag up all that stuff and toss it in a closet. When company’s gone just dump it back out where it was! : D



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