And yet more CNCH

The vendor hall was open for 3 days.  Each day you went, you dropped your entry ticket into the basket for a drawing that was done every half hour.  On the first day, a woman standing at the basket said that the basket was emptied every half hour after the drawing, and you had to be present to win.  Being as I had a class, I didn’t want to waste my ticket so saved it for the later part of the day.  I found out later in the day that info was wrong.  The basket was emptied at the end of the day, and you did not have to be present at the time of the drawing.  It turned out okay though, as I won a shirt from AVL on the second day.  Woo, yay!

The first night was the fashion show and it was a w e s o m e!  The MC was Rachel Clark and I truly believe it might not have been as fun if it weren’t for her.  What a wonderful sense of humor.  The models were pretty awesome too.  Some of the things modeled I loved and hope to one day be good enough to make such things. This guy was entertaining everyone before (and after, I’m assuming he was out in his area the whole time) the show

You really need to click it for bigger.  He was covered in vests, which I didn’t realize until I saw the name on his little podium.  I remember it was Vested something or something Vested.  Even his accordion is wearing a vest.

The first day, I took a class with Daryl Lancaster on Warping Fast.  I’ll insert a little story here.  Two weeks before CNCH, I tried using the AVL Warping Wheel again.  Me and it, not best friends. Instead of letting it sit around the house while I give it dirty looks, I sold it to someone in the guild.  When she was picking it up, we talked about CNCH and she asked what classes I was taking.  I could remember two of them but drew a blank on the 3rd.  Later that evening, I looked and couldn’t help but laugh.  I sold the warping wheel and here I was about to take a class that would talk about using it.  The class was still great though.  Daryl is a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her classes to anyone.  Her monographs and handouts are very well done, with pictures that match what she shows on her slides.

The next two classes were both taught by Robyn Spady, one on weaving blocks and the other general tips and tricks.  I learned a lot there too.  I do wish that her handouts had pictures too.  One of them I’m going to make and show you when I get a chance to breathe.  She was teaching a class at my very first guild meeting and I was too shy to take it at the time. I chose my classes not only on the subject but also who was teaching them and I’m glad I took the ones I did.

The Man and I went to the Winchester Mystery House.  I’ve been wanting to go ever since I first heard about it and this was the perfect opportunity to go.  I think some people expect it to be scary, which it isn’t.  It is very interesting though.  We got to see 110 of the 160 rooms.  You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the house or else they’ll escort you out, but you can take them in the museum areas.  Here’s the gingerbread replica

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