CNCH loot

The two-legged creatures weren’t the only ones weaving or spinning yarns

I didn’t get close enough to actually look (it was cold, I’m a pansy, I had The Man take the pic for me) but when I look at the picture in the bigger size (clicky clicky), it looks like little fairies are in the web, repairing any broken threads that might have occurred.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were little fairies to fix our broken threads?

Also not loot, though the ladies tried hard to convince me to take one home. but I have to show it because they are so cute. Did you know you can litter box train alpacas?  I didn’t!

I caught the one on the left in mid chew.  See their litter box in the top left corner? I was also amazed that the hotel let them come into the convention center. Apparently one of them loved riding the elevator.  When it would stop, the alpaca would stick it’s head out then back into the elevator to go for another ride.

Now for the actual loots.  Outside the doors to the vendor hall, there was a table of free things from the sponsoring guilds.  Along with magazines were large binders with samples that people had woven in the past.  Over the course of 2 days, I picked up a nice little stack.  Can I just say that if someone is looking through a binder of samples, it’s kind of rude to start grabbing at the sample the other person is looking at.  Just sayin’.  I also picked up some past issues of Spin Off from the table.  Inside was a booth that had free magazines also.  I picked up a couple of Handwoven magazines that I was missing and a few more Spin Off mags.  You’ve all seen magazines before right?  I don’t think we need a picture of those.

Yarn, glorius yarn.

Solid blue and black are rayon, the pastels to the right is a cotton rayon boucle. From Newton’s Yarns and at 60% off, woohoo!

Heaven 3200 yds of 45% Tencel 55% Merino softness, from Yarn Place

Graceful Lace, also from Yarn Place. 1800 yds 100% wool

That’s all the yarns I bought, if you can believe that.  I also bought a McMorran Yarn Balance and these little doo-dads.

These are called Flexi-8 Hair Clips and can be used as shawl pins.  I’ll be using mine as hair clips.  The one on the left has a turtle, the one on the right has a dragonfly.  You can see them much better if you click for bigger.  (All pictures in this post can be clicked for bigger.) I have very fine hair and these hold the hair well without breaking it off.

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  1. bety
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 11:40:23

    OMG, I have three of these flexi hair clips and love them I got a tiny one I use for my shawl pin works great.


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