Memory lane

Years ago, May 2004 to be exact, I knit a shawl.  I’ve worn that shawl a LOT, so much that it has holes in it where I’ve caught it on things, such as the little plates on the door jams.  I’ve been thinking about knitting another for awhile now.  I know that when I originally knit it, I modified the pattern a little by casting on extra stitches to make it larger.  At the time, it seemed beyond huge but I actually like the size for wearing and keeping it on.  I went digging around to see if I’d made notes on how many extra stitches I cast on, which I didn’t find.  What I did find was a blog anniversary.  I started blogging July 23, 2003.  Holy crap, that was a long time ago!  The original blog is long gone.  I’ve read things I wrote way back then and I was a lot more vocal back then.  I talked more about what was going on in my life than I do now.  I also bitched a lot more than I do now.  Let me rephrase that.  I wrote my complaints in blog posts a lot more than I do now.  I also wasn’t weaving back then, only knitting.  Though I did mention wanting to learn to weave in 2005.

Back to the shawl.  For some odd reason, I want to say that I cast on an extra 28 stitches.  I have no idea if that is right or not, and I’m not sure why I have that number stuck in my head. I can’t remember yesterday, let alone a number from 6 years ago.   Anyone want to place bets on if I’ll actually finish a new one?  When I was digging for yarn, I found 2 shawls and 2 scarves that would probably love to be finished.

On the weaving front, I have a 6 yard warp on the loom.  I have all but around 24 heddles threaded.  After the guild meeting tomorrow, I’ll finish those, sley the reed, and start weaving.  The warp is 10/2 mercerized cotton threaded for a 2/2 twill.  I was planning to use 20/2 unmercerized cotton for weft but I’m not sure how it’s going to work.  I’m going to try it single first and if I don’t like it, may double it up.