March 24

Hi! Long time no see!  I’ve thought about posting several times but since I didn’t have any pictures of anything, I didn’t do it.  I still don’t have pictures of anything I’ve woven or knitted or crocheted, but there will be some at the end if you suffer through my blathering first.  Or you could cheat and go directly to the end, which is fine.  Actually, I think I’ll let the kitty write this post.  Take it away Summer!

By Summer:

You might ask what the lady has been up to.  I’ll tell you.  She has been up to no good, as always.  She took a 2 day workshop on shadow weave at the local guild, leaving all of us animals to deal with The Man by ourselves.  The Man is allergic so I don’t get to go near him much, which was obviously a mistake since he tried to cut his thumb off while on our watch.  See, we replaced a toilet that didn’t work very well.  He set the old one in the garage, where it sat for a couple of weeks.  Mom was tired of the toilet in the garage and told him if he didn’t break it up and put it in the garbage within one week, she’d do it herself.  The deadline fast approaching, he decided to break it up while Mom was away, reached to grab a piece to put in the trash, and cut his thumb.  Bad.  Doc fixed him up with a bandaid and a tetanus shot, and all is well.  Complete with whining, of course.  Sorry, steered off course there! Anyway, before the workshop, Mom borrowed a table loom from the guild thinking she would use it for the workshop if she chose an 8 shaft draft.  She set it on the floor, where I contemplated using it.

I used it, alright.  Great place for napping, don’t you think?

Mom chose a 4 shaft draft and thought this would be a great opportunity to try out her Harrisville as a traveling loom.  She will tell you that this didn’t work out so great because to haul it, she has to turn it sideways to get it in the back seat of her car. Even with what she thought was a good job of securing the heddle frames, her heddle cords got out of whack.  It worked fine while weaving though so all was well and she completed her workshop.  The teacher of the workshop brought an AVL Workshop Dobby Loom.  Mom got to weave on it and now she wants one.  Imagine that, she wants another loom.  The Man told her she could get another loom if she wanted but an existing loom has to go.   Mom says if they didn’t cost so darned much, it would be a deal. Between you and me, she’s still lusting after a computer driven dobby loom even though as a hobby weaver, she doesn’t need one.  She’s considering hijacking the tax check, but that’s also just between us.  And now she spends half her time on Craigslist, looking for a used Weavebird or AVL.  Which she Does. NOT. Need! Crazy woman!  I’m outta here!