A square

I’ve never really been a fan of crochet.  It always brought to mind stiff plastic feeling things, usually made with some shade of orange.  Once I found the world of yarns that don’t come from a dime store (raise your hand if you know what a dime store is :p) and people who crochet with that yarn, I admitted that there are some pretty things you can do.  Though it’s not something I want to do to the extent of knitting or weaving, I’m willing to play around with it once in awhile.  Usually with acrylic yarn 🙂

I’ve tried making one of these several times before and usually gave up.  Now that I have it figured out, I need to make one to send to the designer for charity.  I can’t send this one because:  it should have either white or black where the blue is, it’s bigger than it’s supposed to be, and the green petals are wool.  It’s also kind of ugly.

I joined another weaving guild this weekend.  First up, a little rant.  Two people in the back, which is where I was surprise surprise, talked non-stop between each other while people in the front were speaking.  I later learned one of them was the guest speaker.  I thought it was extremely rude and I have a hard time respecting someone that does that.  She did show some spindles she had made that I’d like to make.  They had a table of things for sale and I picked up a set of Purrington Angel Wings (if you click the link, they’re about halfway down the page) that look brand new. I also bought tickets for a chance at some fiber but didn’t win.