Nov 15

I declared yesterday Wind Warps day.  I was going to get one made for K’s towels, one for her scarf, and one for E’s scarf.

Ah, much better start on the warp.  You can almost see the groups of 12 for the raddle cross to the left.

I made a new cheat sheet.  This time I started “cheating” from the beginning, instead of trying to keep count in my head then creating a cheat sheet part of the way through

Uh oh…

I wondered if it wouldn’t be close but I didn’t think I’d run out before I was even done winding the warp.  The shop I bought this from is 98 miles away, a roughly 2 hour drive because part of the drive is not a major highway.  A twisty road, all uphill, in the snow, barefoot, with limited areas that have passing lanes.  It’s a gorgeous drive and I don’t blame people for going somewhat slow but it was Wind Warps day dangit and I wanted to get there and back home.  I also wanted to get home to walk the dog at her usual time, before it got cold.  A little over 4 hours gone that could have been spent winding.  After walking the dog, I finished the section of warp I was on but then went to Target and talked to The Man (who is out of town).  I didn’t even get the first warp completely wound. Oh well.

Speaking of the dog… Grrr!  Almost halfway through our walk circuit, we’re about to pass a house and the owner is standing outside.  Generally, that is when Bella chooses to take a poo (which is okay because we carry poo bags and always clean up after her) but today, she decided she would pick up some poo.  I’m telling her to DROP IT DROP IT and she’s hanging on to it for dear life.  I had to pry her mouth open and get it out.  All while this guy is watching.  And laughing.  After we got out of sight, I tried wiping my hand on some other persons lawn but it was too late.  That last half mile went too slow.  Yuck!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Janice in GA
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 11:23:21

    Heh. My dogs usually swallow the poo before I can get it away from them.

    I never have anything to wipe my hands on either.


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