Nov 14

As you all know, because I know you’ve been reading since the beginning of time and remember every single thing I’ve said, I bought a dvd on warping back to front.  I tried her method of getting the warp on the back beam and I have to say, I like it.  The way she does it keeps you from having to go back and forth to the front of the loom.  It’s all done from behind the loom.  When I tied the threads to the front rod using a surgeons knot, it worked well.  I had even tension from the beginning and didn’t have to keep going back to tighten ones I’d already tied.  I did have a crossed thread in the reed and I think it was harder loosening that surgeons knot than it would have been if I’d used the same knot I’d used before.

Now the sucky part is that I make more mistakes when I warp b2f.  I can’t remember ever having a crossed thread before.  I know I’ve misthreaded before so can’t blame that on b2f but if you take ratio of misthreadings via f2b versus b2f, b2f wins the most errors.  Back to front takes longer for me, plain and simple.  Is that because I need more practice?  I don’t know.  It just seems like I can hold the cross in my hand, thread the reed, then the heddles twice as fast.  Taking time out of the picture, I do seem to get more even tension (at least with this latest method).  Tension is more important so I’ll keep at it for a little longer.  I can also see b2f being better for fine threads so I’ll definitely be using it for the silk.  You can be sure I will check that threading twice before I start weaving though.

As for the towels, I went ahead and finished them even with the errors.  I hemmed them on the sewing machine but when I do K’s, I’ll hem those by hand.  They took a trip through the washer and dryer last night.   I also made up a new cheat sheet for winding the next warp and it’s already taped to the wall above the warping board.

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  1. Theresa
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 17:18:09

    I learned to warp BtF so, for me the idea of holding all those ends in my hands is frightening! I’m sure Dawn will appreciate the plug! I ordered two Bluster Bay shuttles from her ( one for me one for my weaver Dad as a Xmas present) and couldn’t be happier doing business with her.


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