Too much thinking, not enough weaving

Thank you everyone for visiting Tools of the Loom and for entering  the giveaway.  Thank you, also, for those who linked and did shout outs.  I wish that I hadn’t set the end date so far in advance.  I’m excited and want to pick a winner now!  I did set a date though so I should stick to it.

I am still trying to make a decision on a table loom.  It’s between the Louet Jane and the Woolhouse Tools Carolyn.  Here are the thoughts as they run through my head

  • Jane is lighter (+) than Carolyn (-) (but is it really a minus since carrying Carolyn is still doable?)
  • I think Jane would be easier to take on a plane (+) than Carolyn (-) (not that I fly that often, I’m thinking if I were going to go to a conference or similar for classes.  How many times is that going to happen?  Is it even worth considering?)
  • Jane has wood heddle bars (-), Carolyn has metal (+) (on the one loom i had with wood heddle bars, it was a drag (ha!) trying to slide the heddles across the bars)
  • Jane is smaller in width (I’d get the 15.5 inch), which is fine since I’m not planning to do anything other than sample or workshops, Carolyn has more width in case I do want to weave something wider.
  • Carolyn’s stand folds (+), Jane’s does not (-) I could put Carolyn and her stand in the closet if I wanted, Jane’s stand would take up more space when not in use
  • Carolyn’s stand has shelves on the side (+), Jane’s does not (-)
  • Carolyn’s loom and stand is cheaper (+) than Jane’s (-)
  • Carolyn’s company is up for sale (-), Jane’s company isn’t (+)  (Nobody plans on having to buy repair parts 2 years down the road but poo happens sometimes)
  • Both have good reviews (I’ve been told I can’t go wrong with either one), both have front levers, both fold, both have 8 shafts
  • Carolyn comes with 400 heddles (+), Jane comes with 200 (-)
  • Jane comes standard with an overhead beater (+), Carolyn comes with a regular one (-) which isn’t really a minus because a regular one works fine.  I could pay a little more for an overhead beater for Carolyn.
  • I like the look of the Carolyn (+) more than Jane (-). (I’m not a fan of light colored wood.  Jane would look nicer if she had some color, that’s only my opinion.)
  • But the stand folds but the Jane is lighter weight but Carolyn is prettier but Jane’s width is fine but Carolyn has metal heddle bars but but but but but but butbutbutbutBUTBUTBUT  ARGH!  It may come down to flipping a coin!

If I spent as much time weaving as I did thinking about this, I would be out of stash yarn and we’d have a house full of finished projects.

    3 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. Life Looms Large
      Oct 11, 2009 @ 17:21:21

      Have you woven on a table loom before?? The reason I ask is that I borrowed a table loom for a workshop I took in the spring. I loved how easy it was to take to the workshop….but I really didn’t love weaving on a table loom. I had been thinking of purchasing one before that workshop. But afterward, not so much.

      Of course, YMMV – but definitely make sure you need the portability and are willing to weave on a table loom before you buy one.

      Good luck deciding!!



    2. PattiHN
      Oct 12, 2009 @ 23:14:33

      I have a Jane and just got the stand for it. I love the Jane–it’s light, convenient, QUIET. The stand frees up the table, but yes, it does mean that it’s always set up somewhere. On the positive side, you can use the stand to extend the warp and cloth beams, which I think is ingenious. (There are pre-cut holes to move the beams). I like using the table loom to minimize loom waste or when I need texsolv heddles for fragile warps.

      I’ve seen a couple of other blogs of people with Janes, so you might google for those.

      Good luck! Both sound just fine.



    3. Janice in GA
      Oct 14, 2009 @ 16:52:26

      Here’s my of deciding something when I can’t decide. I flip coins.

      Don’t laugh! I assign one choice to heads and one to tails. I flip a coin 3 times.

      If I’m happy with the choice I get after the third flip, that’s my decision. But if, after 3 flips, I’m thinking “Lemme flip it 3 more times”, I know that I’m subconsciously leaning to the OTHER option.

      Works for me! I have a TERRIBLE time making decisions, because I always have WAY more data points than I actually need to decide. I just end up confusing myself.


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