Where there’s smoke

I’ve been keeping all my Atlanta friends in my thoughts due to the amount of rain they’re getting.  I learned this morning that the roads were closed in the area we lived in when we were in Marietta.  I remember the small creek that ran behind the house, though there was hardly ever water in it.  From the sounds of it, there’s probably water in the house we used to live in.

However, here in Moorpark we’re fighting the opposite fight.  Humidity is at 4% and the temps are in the triple digits.  The Santa Ana winds, which are strong and very hot, have moved in.  The Station fire hasn’t even been completely put out yet and a new fire has began in Filmore.  This is northeast of us.  The winds, they are moving the fire southwest.  When I logged out of work this morning at 11:20, I glanced out the back door and noticed it looked like rain.  A closer look revealed that those aren’t storm clouds

That’s the Filmore fire.  It’s still a distance from us, but it’s always kind of scary to see the smoke like that.  It seems a lot closer than it really is.  Regardless, I’ve gathered some things up.  A change of clothes, food for the pets, pictures, passports, etc.  Hopefully we won’t need them, but they’re ready if we do.  I can’t help but think… there’s no way to get my looms in the car!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elisa
    Sep 22, 2009 @ 13:11:09

    Darn, I hadn’t heard about the Fillmore fire yet. Want to bet it wasn’t started by natural causes? Or am I just overly suspicious?

    I’ve been keeping Atlantaians in my thoughts too, even though I don’t know anybody who lives there anymore. You can’t get much more opposite for disaster areas, can you? In the small world department – I lived in Smyrna, right next to Marietta, for a couple of years before we moved to CA. I was in junior high at the time, so that was several (!) years ago.


  2. Donna
    Sep 24, 2009 @ 16:33:57

    Gah, I hate fires! And the morons that set them


  3. Sandy
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 07:54:11

    Keeping you in my thoughts. Hope the fire stays away.


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