Too much Larry*

I had all intentions of winding a warp today.  I also intended to mop.  Instead, Sam came home early and wanted to play WoW.   Now I don’t mind getting the mop plans interrupted and I don’t mind playing WoW, but I’d really like to wind this warp.

So, guess who’s getting another loom.  My first floor loom was a 22″ Harrisville 4s/4t.  I’ve kind of regretted selling it because, after going to guild meetings, I realized it would have made a great workshop loom.   Besides, it was my first loom and it taught me many things.  I miss it.  I’ve been keeping an eye out for another one, never in any hurry to get one right away, just when the right one came up.   This one will need work, even more than the first one, and it too is missing a crank.  (What is it with all the missing cranks?  There must be a landfill full of them somewhere.)  Pictures to come after I get it, which may be as late as this weekend.

*You’ll get that if you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm

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  1. Elisa
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 22:18:55

    Wow, how many looms does that make for you now? Can’t wait to see pictures. We were in an antique shop in Vta today and found an small 8-harness table loom. Tag said it was a Schacht but I didn’t see a label or mark. They wanted $600 firm for it, so it stayed right where it was.


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