Recently, there has been some discussion on warping back to front versus front to back.  For the most part, people give their opinions in a civilized manner and everyone goes on their merry way.  There always has to be one though.  This one person made the discussions a little heated, on each and every forum/list they posted to.  Apparently, if you warp front to back, you’re inferior.  Or you have a loom that wasn’t made well.  Back to Front is the ONLY WAY!  Also, if you dare to look at one of the most recommended books on learning how to weave, you’ll be weaving-stupid for the rest of your weaving life.  Because we all know once you read one book, you’ll never read another book again nor try to learn how to become better.  Sheesh.  Normally I’d probably go on my merry little way but these discussions came right before I’m going to attempt b2f warping so I paid a little more attention.  In my opinion, everyone should warp whichever way works best for them.  In the end, no one is going to look at your cloth and say “OMG you warped your loom wrong!”  I’ll tell you this.  There is a learning curve when you switch.  Right now, I’m of the mind that it is much easier for me to warp front to back.  Maybe it’s because the yarn is black.  Maybe it’s because I’m using a 15 dent reed.  Maybe it’s because this loom is different than what I’ve used before.  (I refuse to believe that my Macomber or Gilmore are poorly made looms.)  I don’t know.  I do know it’s taking me forever and a day to get this warp on the loom.

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