I used the word Ugly 3 times

While I still haven’t made that grand master list, I’ve made some progress in the decision making.  Using the colors I have, I’ve picked out what colors the monk’s belt towel will contain.  The ones in the magazine have a white background with different colored sections.  Mine will have a dark blue background, with the sections being in lavender and green.  I’m hoping it won’t be as Ugly as it sounds.  It didn’t look too bad when I wrapped the colors together around the ruler but I didn’t exactly use the correct balance of colors in the stripes.

I know that I want to make a bag to carry groceries in.  I have the Ugly ones from the stores, with their advertisements on them.  A couple are starting to come apart.  Besides, sometimes I feel bad for taking a Vons bag to Ralphs or a Ralphs bag to Albertsons (though I’d much rather use the reusable ones than bring home plastic bags, yuck).  Anyway, I’d like to have something more unique.  Why can’t my groceries ride home in style than be stuffed in some Ugly bag?  I like plain weave but it’s kind of like garter stitch for me.  It’s easy and it can be pretty but I don’t want to knit all garter stitch.  I want to change up the stitches, get a little pattern going in there.  I think I might have what I want with this

The colors are only to show the pattern, not what I’ll be using.  The blue area will be plain weave and the white area will give it that little change-up that I want.  I still have to decide if I want the white area to go horizontal or vertical, and I may not know until it’s all woven up.

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