It took me forever to decide what weaving thing I wanted to learn next.  Once I did finally decide on Huck, I took over a week to decide what design I wanted to use.  There’s learning about the pattern and how it works, then drafting it out on the computer, and deciding which yarn to use and how many ends there needs to be.  See, a whole week’s worth of decisions to make.

Before wet finishing:


I had a lot of trouble with this.  Well, maybe not a lot, but a lot more than what I wanted.

  1. The warp threads on the left (as on the loom, it’s on the right in the pic) kept breaking.  I’ve never had to actually fix a broken warp thread before and as much as those threads were breaking, I’m probably now an expert.
  2. After fixing a broken thread and weaving for a couple of inches, I snipped the end sticking out.  Right after snipping, I noticed that I’d made a treadling error.  Right. Behind. The Snipped. Thread. grrr
  3. The right edge selvedge looks very good, if I do say so myself.  The left edge… well, it looks like shit in my opinion.  To anyone else, they probably wouldn’t noticed how bad it looks unless I pointed it out.  “See there?  That’s where the thread broke.  And there.  And there.”

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the fringe.

8/2 Tencel, 20 epi, Huck lace