First fabrics

This was my very first attempt at weaving. I wasn’t following any type of draft, I just played around with the treadles to see what kind of pattern came out.


What causes that wave there at the beginning? I still need to find the answer to that.

After perusing for a very long bit, I decided to try my hand at following an actual draft.

wvptn1.jpg wvptn2.jpg

As you can see, I also decided to add color to the warp. I made a few mistakes. One thing I learned in following an actual draft is that I need a little quiet to do it, at least at this stage in my learning. Being interrupted by the phone or listening to television made me lose my place in the draft. At first I guessed where I thought I was, then I tried backtracking. Sometimes I got lucky, sometimes I didn’t. All in all, I’m not disappointed in what you see. It’s not perfect, but I still learned from it so that makes it worthwhile.

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