Being a rebel

In the quest of learning to weave, I’m also dealing with preparing to move. This has probably accounted for how long it’s taken me in the learning to weave process. Although cost of a loom was a factor, I also put it off because, due to putting our house up for sale, many of our things have had to go into storage. Declutter the home and all that. However, the deal on the loom won over the declutter situation and it now sits in the formal living room. I’ve put off learning to warp, thinking I would have to take a class to learn and none were being offered at the time. I received the announcement of classes in the mail and the one I want/need to take isn’t until June. I’m hoping that our house will be sold by then. And I want to try weaving Now.

This led to me building a makeshift warping board and using tools around the house for the various other pieces. Some spare trim type pieces for lease sticks, paint stirring sticks for lease sticks, a dental tool to thread the reed and heddles, and wrapping yarn around a short dowel rod since I don’t have a shuttle. While these aren’t ideal, they work for now. I’ll get the “right” tools after we move.

Despite being told that I shouldn’t even attempt to warp the loom without taking a class first, I’ve done just that. It’s probably not perfect but it’s working for the moment. I wanted some color in the warp so I have green, pink, and blue, for no particular reason other than that’s the yarn I could get to in storage. I went to, browsed the drafts, and picked one that doesn’t appear too difficult. I’m not sure how it’s going to work with the colors, but it’s okay. It’s all in the name of learning and color doesn’t play too much of a role in that yet.

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