I picked up the latest issue of Handwoven for two reasons. One is I want to learn to weave, but the biggest reason was the color. I did a quick flip-through of the mag at the store and was immediately drawn to the colors. I had no idea what this Overshot was but if it will get me those colors, I want to learn about it.

I tried reading the magazine to learn what made overshot, overshot. Frankly, I couldn’t get it through my thick head what they were trying to explain. I don’t think any of the instructions were really for a beginner such as me. After all, I hadn’t even gotten a warp on the loom. I had picked up a few books at the library so turned to those next. I read and reread a section of one book and finally understood. To weave overshot, I have to weave a tabby shot between each pattern shot. Part of the reason I couldn’t understand it at first, I think, is because I didn’t know for sure what a tabby shot was. I knew what tabby looked like but I couldn’t grasp what I was supposed to do with it in an overshot pattern weave.

Now that I finally understand, I want to try it. I picture myself making all these beautiful overshot cloths, though I don’t have plans for what each cloth would be. Scarf? Placemat? Baby blanket? A small afghan for the lap? For now, I’d be content to just make samples, which is probably what I will do.

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